TDK WR700 (Black) review:

TDK WR700 (Black)

When you're not wearing the WR700s, the earcups fold flat, and TDK throws in a cloth carrying case for easy transportation.

While the transmitter is simple to set up and stows easily enough, it does have one drawback: it's somewhat bulky (after all, it's capable of housing two AAA batteries). The size of the transmitter won't bother you when you're plugging it into a home AV receiver (a phono adapter is included, along with a short extension cable that allows you to access more deeply recessed headphone jacks). But when you've attached it to an iPhone or another mobile device, it does look a little clunky. It's a shame it isn't a bit more compact, or that Kleer doesn't have the marketing muscle to have it built in to more devices, as Bluetooth is.

TDK says that you should get about 30-40 hours of listening before having to change the batteries, which is good. And the headphones have a range of about 33 feet, which is equivalent to what Bluetooth offers. It's also worth noting that if you happen to have multiple WR700 headphones, you could plug in one transmitter to a single source and have up to four people listen at the same time. This is one of the benefits of Kleer.

As noted, the other benefit is the sound quality. While the WR700's are a little bright and have a slightly canned sound (they don't sound "open," which may cause some listening fatigue) they deliver rich sound with good detail and strong bass. What impressed us was that we didn't feel we were listening to wireless headphones, which is praise in itself.

So despite some small shortcomings in design, we liked TDK's WR700 headphones and for the price (around $120 online) we think they're a decent option for people looking for a set of wireless headphones for late-night TV watching or music listening--or just to have the freedom of not being tethered to your mobile device.

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