T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket review:

T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket

The WebConnect Rocket desktop manager isn't pretty, but it gets the job done.

The desktop client isn't much to look at but it provides you with the basic tools to check your data usage, network strength, and available wireless networks. In addition, you can send/receive and manage text messages and download software updates from the desktop manager. Unfortunately, the WebConnect Rocket doesn't have built-in GPS, unlike the Sprint Overdrive, so you can't use it to map your position or find points of interest near your current location.

We tested the T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket in New York with our Lenovo ThinkPad T61 and came away quite impressed with the results. We recorded speeds using Speedtest.net, and in an average of five tests, the WebConnect Rocket delivered download speeds of 2.93Mbps and upload speeds of 1.26Mbps in HSPA+ mode. With such speeds, we were able to upload a 3.11MB photo in 27.9 seconds and download an 11MB MP3 file in 33 seconds. Compare that to the regular 3G T-Mobile WebConnect Laptop USB Stick, which averaged just 670Kbps for downloads and 310Kbps up. The WebConnect Rocket even bested the 4G Sprint Overdrive, which averaged download speeds of 2.61Mbps and upload speeds of 0.2Mbps.

It's a shame T-Mobile's HSPA+ cover is so limited at this time because the WebConnect Rocket really throttles the competition. That said, T-Mobile has said it plans to roll out HSPA+ to 100 metropolitan cities and 185 million POPs by the end of 2010, so there's hope on the horizon.

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