Squrl for iOS review:

A one-stop hub for videos from around the Web

Of course, the best thing about Squrl is its wealth of content. It pulls from many of the most popular sources like Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube, CollegeHumor, CNN, ESPN, and more. The Home screen lets you jump straight to recommended items, trending items, and featured items, and it lets you keep track of items you've watched, liked, or added to your queue. And then there's the all-important Channels screen. From here, you can see videos organized into categories, like Comedy, Entertainment, Music, and News, as well as less predictable channels like Cool Blogs, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also customize channels, so that you see videos only from the sources that you like. Whatever your interests are, there's a good chance Squrl has you covered. Squrl even includes a hand-curated selection of Live channels from sources like HuffPost Live, Al Jazeera, and the Home Shopping Network.

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With its clean design, Squrl makes it easy to zip around and find interesting videos to watch. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

If you have friends who also use Squrl, you'll be able to keep tabs on them from the Activity page. If your friends opt in, you'll be able to see what they've watched, like, and even add some of their watched items to your queue. Likewise, you can opt in to broadcast your activity to them as well.

One useful feature in Squrl's iOS app is the capability to bring up controls while browsing through video listings. When viewing a list of videos from a favorite category, you can touch and hold on the video thumbnail to bring up tools for sharing, liking, adding to queue, and getting more information about the video. It's a minor interface feature, but makes for an elegant way to access the controls without a lot of digging through menus.

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Squrl lets you watch videos in full screen or half screen with a playlist below. In either case, video quality seems to be good with smooth playback. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

One thing we'd love to see added to Squrl is a favorite channels page. With so many different video sources available through the app, it can sometimes be annoying to have to navigate to the same ones all the time. For instance, instead of having to navigate to Reddit Videos through the Channels page and then through the Cool Blogs page, it would be nice if there were a shortcut somewhere for quicker access.

While it may not be perfect, Squrl is a fantastic app for watching and discovering new videos from around the Web. It comes with tools that let you customize what you want to watch, a queue for saving videos for later, social connectivity so you can share with friends, and powerful recommendations. If you're a big fan of Internet video, download Squrl onto your device now.

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