Spotify (Android) review: Spotify (Android)

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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Spotify has an impressive library of on-demand music for Premium users and a solid streaming radio service for free users.

The Bad No curated radio stations or music-alternatives like news radio and sports.

The Bottom Line For paying Spotify subscribers, downloading this mobile app is a no-brainer. Meanwhile, free users should also be pleased with its impressively smart radio programming.


8.5 Overall

To get started with Spotify for Android, log in either with your existing Spotify credentials or your Facebook account. Once you're in, the app will load up all of your favorites and playlists, for a seamless, cross-platform experience. Whereas previously you needed to be a premium subscriber to enjoy the app, Spotify for Android now offers streaming radio options even for non-paying members.

Overall, the Spotify app is clean and easy to use. It opens up directly to the Playlists screen, which by default, has two auto-updating playlists already created: Starred and Liked from Radio. Beyond these, you can create as many other playlists as you like. Dive into a playlist, and you'll get options to download the listed tracks for playing while offline, share the playlist with others, or open it up for collaboration.

The button on the top-left of the screen slides out the navigation panel, which gives you quick access to Search, Playlists, Radio, What's New (trending tracks and playlists), Inbox, Friends, and Settings. Meanwhile, along the bottom of the screen sits the info for any currently playing music, which includes track name and artist, as well as a thumbnail of the album art.

The Now Playing screens gives you the full album art image, as well as all of your basic playback controls, which include the Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down buttons, as well as the Favorite button. And of course, from here, you can share the track with friends, add it to a playlist, or create a radio station based on the track.

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