Slacker Radio for Android review:

Slacker is the consummate overachiever

As with similar radio apps, Slacker lets you create a uniquely programmed radio station based on an artist, track, or album. As you listen, you can improve the programming by voting tracks up or down, or by editing a station's settings one by one. You can add different artists and tracks to a station to affect its algorithm. Or, there's a Fine Tune menu, which lets you calibrate your stations based on factors like popularity and release date, and adjust how many similar artists you'd like the app to add to your station. Altogether, these settings make Slacker's programmed radio exceptionally customizable. What's more, as you listen, you can view album art, reviews, bios, and lyrics. You can even share a link to a station via e-mail, text message, or Twitter.

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For the second time this year, Slacker Radio has been refreshed with a completely new look. This iteration is darker overall, which gives off a more sophisticated feel. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

But more than just a Pandora-like radio programmer, Slacker also includes one of the most comprehensive selections of curated stations I've seen. Top 40, '90s, and a wealth of your typical genre-based stations are all there. In addition, you get live local ESPN Radio options, ABC lifestyle stations, and almost 30 stations that are curated by actual recording artists. These artist curators aren't quite A-list, but many of them are popular, and their stations are interesting nonetheless. It's this unique mix of curated stations that sets Slacker apart from many of its competitors.

New to Slacker's arsenal and available to all users is a nifty feature called My Vibe, which helps you find the perfect playlist to match your mood or activity. Similar to Songza, My Vibe starts by offering you a few suggestions based on the current day and time. From there, it gives you a menu of options that may or may not match your activity or mood. For instance, as I write this, I'm listening to a playlist that was suggested for someone who is working in the office on a Friday afternoon. So far, My Vibe seems to have fewer playlist suggestions than Songza. But still, the feature is nice addition to Slacker's fast-growing toolbelt.

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