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The Good Backs up your data daily on secure 128-bit SSL servers; allows 25 users to handle accounting from any Internet-equipped Windows PC; handles payroll, inventory, and purchase orders.

The Bad Expensive; limited feature set; lacks tools to reconcile accounts or make direct deposits; excludes Mac users.

The Bottom Line Simply Accounting Online is a safe and convenient way to balance the company's books, but it's too pricey for many small businesses.

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Simply Accounting Online

Best Software's Simply Accounting Online offers anytime, anywhere bookkeeping for small business users, and it safeguards your data against fire and office theft by placing it on secure servers outside the office. All isn't a green-lampshade paradise, however; Simply Accounting Online provides convenient tools to manage inventory and purchase orders, but it lacks key features of its desktop counterparts, such as purchase and sales quotes, direct deposits, and account reconciliation. It's expensive, too: a three-user account runs $75 per month or $900 annually, where a six-user version of the desktop Simply Accounting Pro software costs one-third as much, and three people can use QuickBooks Online annually for $240. Given the limited feature set and whopping cost of Simply Accounting Online, this well-designed and secure service might be worth a look for small businesses only if its price drops.

To give the service a whirl, visit the Simply Accounting Online Web site, which allows a 30-day free trial (no credit card required). You have to wait four days after signing up to log on; when you're ready, just open Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher from any Windows PC. We uploaded our company file from the desktop Simply Accounting Pro 2004 by using the Online Data Prep utility, which installs on your PC. Simply Accounting Online also allows you to import data from desktop editions of QuickBooks, but not from Quicken. Unfortunately, the installation process was less than seamless; we had to scour our hard disk to find the company file because the Data Prep tool doesn't automatically locate it, and our first two conversion attempts resulted in mysterious pop-up failure messages. But our third attempt worked like a charm. Like its competitor QuickBooks Online, Simply Accounting Online won't upload data for features it doesn't support, in this case, quotes for purchases and sales.

Simply Accounting Online is intelligently laid out and easy to navigate. The Home screen includes the Daily Business Manager, which appears as a separate window in the desktop version.

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