Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Earphones review: Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Earphones

Beyond the generous selection of ear tips, the IDR655m also include a shirt clip and a self-closing pouch made of brown sheepskin leather. The pouch is a really nice and useful accessory, which we found much easier to use on a daily basis than the triangular pillbox container included with Apple's In-Ear headphones.

Sonically, the IDR655m are a bass addict's dream come true. The ported 11mm dynamic drivers are so beefy on the low-end, Senior Associate Editor Jasmine France claimed they made her ears vibrate.

If you're looking for a balanced, versatile sound, you'd be better off with a pair of Klipsch S4i ($99) or Apple In-Ear headphones. But if bass is what you're after, the IDR655m do not disappoint.

Listening to electronica, hip-hop, and dance pop, the IDR655m deliver the kind of subwoofer-like thump and rumble we don't typically hear from a single-driver design. Podcasts, audio books, jazz, classical, and some rock recordings suffered for the bass-skewed sound of the IDR655m--which is not to say that mids and treble lack clarity, but the low-end bias of the sound tends to overwhelm other elements.

The remote and microphone work as advertised, though, like many comparable headphones (including the aforementioned Apple and Klipsch offerings) the volume control and microphone are not advertised as compatible with the third-generation iPod Touch (although the multifunction button cooperates). We tested compatibility with the iPad, iPhone 4, and second-generation iPod Touch, and all worked perfectly.

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