Samsung UNH6400: 2014's cheapest with touch pad remote

January 6, 2014 2:00 PM PST / Updated: January 7, 2014 3:01 PM PST

Samsung's slew of 2014 TVs at CES trickles from extremely high-end models with curved screens and 4K resolution, all the way down to models you might actually be able to afford. Like the UNH6400 series.

This line will hit the streets in March at 65, 60, 55, 50 and 48 inches. Pricing wasn't announced, but we expect it to be relatively easy to swallow.

Savvy buyers on a reasonable budget might be asking themselves how it compares to the step-up H7150 and step-down H6350 also announced at CES 2014. Since the picture-affecting features of the 7 and 6 series for 2014 are roughly in line with those of their 2013 predecessors, we have a pretty good idea. The UNF7100 series last year performed about as well as the UNF6400/6300 models, so don't expect a drastic difference this year either.

The main differences between the H6400 and H6350 have nothing to do with the picture -- at least, the 2D one you'll actually watch . The H6400 is the least-expensive Samsung LED TV in 2014 to support 3D and include the snazzy new remote complete with voice search and control. The H6350 is 2D-only and has a standard remote that doesn't cause anything to happen when you speak into it, no matter how loudly or insistently.

The UNH6400 is the cheapest TV to feature the new touchpad remote Samsung
Of course, if you care not about those extras, the H6350, like the 2013 F6300 before it, might prove a superior value to the 6400.

They both get Samsung's 2014 Smart TV suite, arranged around five "pages" just like the excellent 2013 version. There's one major addition this year: the Social and Media pages have been combined into one, and a new Games page has been added. Samsung says they'll include "lite versions" of popular game titles, and that at launch around 20 games will be available for download. For a controller you can choose either your smartphone or tablet, or the included remote. Powering all those brains is a quad-core processor.

Check out the Samsung TV roundup for more on the company's CES 2014 releases.

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  • Type LED-LCD
  • LED Backlight Type Edge-lit
  • Display Format 1080p
  • Diagonal Size 55 in
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