Samsung Stunt SCH-r100 (MetroPCS) review:

Samsung Stunt SCH-r100 (MetroPCS)

The Stunt's phone book holds 500 contacts, and lets you key in four phone numbers and an e-mail address in each entry. You can assign groups and one of 20 polyphonic ringtones to a contact. There's no camera, but you can still pair a photo with a contact; you can download a picture, for example, or use one that's sent to you via MMS. The thumbnail picture will show on the screen when your buddy calls.

As for its toolkit, the Samsung Stunt contains a calendar, a calculator, a memo pad, and an alarm clock. There's also text and multimedia messaging, a world clock, a stop watch, a converter tool (everything from currency to weight), and an all-important tip calculator. Be advised that since the Stunt also doesn't let you program a default text entry mode, we had to manually switch to T9 predictive text with the soft key each time. As with last summer's equally simple Samsung Axle SCH-r311, the SCH-r100 also throws in Bluetooth support, speaker-independent voice commands, and voice dialing; the latter two worked well in our tests. Speakerphone mode lives in the Options menu when a call is on, but we'd prefer to see a shortcut key for seamless toggling.

MetroPCS offers a few services of its own, such as Metro411 directory assistance and MetroBackup, which stores your contacts online for $1 per month. There's also e-mail available via MetroPCS' mail@metro service if your MetroPCS service plan covers it.

The Stunt's WAP 2.0 browser is bare-bones, but the Google search bar does make for quick lookups, and a menu of hyperlinks gets you to downloads, weather, and news categories. No games come preloaded on the Samsung Stunt SCH-r100, but you can download them through MetroWeb or the @metro storefront. Once you've got games installed, you can play them in airplane mode while you jet around. You'll have 15MB of internal memory for storage.

We tested the dual-band (CDMA 800/1900) Samsung Stunt in San Francisco using MetroPCS service. Voices sounded natural and the volume was fine, but call quality often suffered from a hum that was audible on the caller's side at the beginning of most calls. The calling ring was also usually fuzzy or broken on the caller's end. Hazy or tinny overtures often persisted into the call, with occasional distortion that folks on both ends of the line could hear. Speakerphone volume was decent, with typical distortion in noisy environments. Most users, however, shouldn't notice too much interference a few minutes into the conversation.

The rated battery life is 3.3 hours of talk time and up to 8.3 days of standby time. The Stunt has a tested talk time of 3 hours and 1 minute. According to FCC radiation tests, the Stunt has a digital SAR of 1 watt per kilogram.

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