Samsung SGH-i450 - silver/blue review: Samsung SGH-i450 - silver/blue

But that's not all the multimedia goodies. The SGH-i450 also offers a RealPlayer for viewing videos and support for Adobe Flash. There's also a Video Editor for channeling your inner director and an FM radio with 50 station presets. Keep in mind that the latter feature will work only after you've connected a wired headset to act as antenna.

The SGH-i450's camera has a flash.

The SGH-i450 offers two 2-megapixel cameras. The main shooter faces the rear of the phone. It takes pictures in five resolutions, from 1,600x1,200 down to 320x240. Features include a flash, light metering, a digital zoom, a self-timer, a sequence mode, three white balance settings, a brightness control, and four color tones. There's no self-portrait mirror, but there's a secondary VGA shooter just above the display that you can use for those vanity shots. The camcorder shoots in two resolutions (352x288 and 176x144) with sound, and it offers a set of editing options similar to the still camera. In "short" mode you can film for about a minute; otherwise, you can record for as long as the available memory permits. The SGH-i450 has about 35MB of internal memory so we suggest using a microSD card to maximize storage space.

Sadly, the SGH-i450 had poor photo quality.

Unfortunately, the SGH-i450's photo quality is disappointing. Images were much too dim and rather blurry, particularly when we were focusing on smaller objects. Also, colors were distorted with reds being way too red. It's just not what we expected from a 2-megapixel camera. Video quality was a tad better, but it was far from satisfying. If you still want to print your photos, you can connect directly to a PC or printer via a cable or Bluetooth.

The SGH-i450 has a WAP Internet browser with support for Java. Another useful feature is an integrated Google search that you can access directly from the standby screen. You can personalize the SGH-450 with a variety of color themes, wallpaper, and a welcome note. You can always download additional options and more ringtones.

We tested the triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) SGH-i450 in San Francisco using T-Mobile service. The version of the SGH-i450 that we reviewed is optimized for the European market so it lacks support for one North American band (GSM 850). That shouldn't be a big issue for most users, but if you live in a rural area you might want to test a phone before buying. Also, while the SGH-i450 is 3G, it supports the 2100 UMTS band, which is only in Europe. As such, it won't support 3G in the United States or Canada.

Voice quality was generally good. The volume level was satisfactory and voices sounded natural. At times we noticed the slightest bit of background noise but it was a rare occurrence. What's more, we didn't have to strain to hear in noisy environments. On their end, callers said we sounded good and some didn't even know we were on a cell phone. A couple of callers said there was a background hiss, but it wasn't a universal assessment. Automated calling systems could understand us most of the time.

Speakerphone calls were quite good thanks to the front facing speaker. It worked best when were in a quiet room but callers could hear us even when we were sitting away from the phone. Our only complaint is that it takes one too many clicks to activate the speaker after you've started a call.

Music performance was quite good, again thanks to the phone's speakers. They provided decent output with loud volume, and the audio quality was more than serviceable. As usual, a headset will provide the best experience so we recommend using one.

The Samsung SGH-i450 has a rated battery life of 5.4 hours talk time and 21.5 days of standby time. It has a decent talk time of 6 hours and 42 minutes. You'll get a bit less battery life when using 3G service. According to FCC radiation tests, the SGH-i450 has a digital SAR rating of 0.457 watts per kilogram.

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