Samsung SC-D372 review: Samsung SC-D372

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CNET Editors' Rating

2.5 stars OK
  • Overall: 5.4
  • Design: 5.0
  • Features: 6.0
  • Performance: 6.0
  • Image quality: 5.0
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The Good This camcorder is very simple to shoot with in auto mode.

The Bad Poor video quality; minimalist buttons make menu navigation a pain.

The Bottom Line Poor button layout and terrible movies make the Samsung SC-D372 camcorder a definite "pass."

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Samsung SC-D372

It's easy to assume that all budget camcorders look alike. They're all small, inexpensive miniDV devices with 25x to 35x zoom lenses, sub-megapixel sensors, and very few bells and whistles. Because of this, you might be tempted to assume that they're all the same. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Under every cookie-cutter camcorder are countless variables that separate the good budget models from the bad ones. The Samsung D372, unfortunately, is one of the latter.

Even for a budget miniDV camcorder, the D372 feels very small and light. It weighs just under 15 ounces, even with battery and tape, and at fewer than 5 inches long and just over 2 inches wide, it can be carried around almost anywhere. A standard 0.68-megapixel CCD and 34x optical zoom fits within its small, light frame.

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Samsung SC-D372

Part Number: SC-D372

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Quick Specifications See All

  • Optical Sensor Type CCD
  • Width 2.2 in
  • Depth 4.7 in
  • Height 3.7 in
  • Weight 12 oz