Samsung Jitterbug OneTouch - SPH-A110 (Great Call) review: Samsung Jitterbug OneTouch - SPH-A110 (Great Call)

The primary difference between the Dial and the OneTouch is reflected with the keypad. While they both have the On/Off button, large Yes and No buttons, and two arrow keys in the middle for scrolling through lists, the OneTouch does not have an alphanumeric keypad. Instead, the phone simply has three large one-touch buttons--Operator, Home, and 911. The Operator button connects you directly to a GreatCall operator, who can make a call for you, make changes to your Contacts list, or simply answer your questions on how to use the phone. The Home button, of course, connects you directly to your programmed home number, and the 911 button is self-explanatory. The buttons all are very tactile and easy to press.

The features on the OneTouch are the same as the Jitterbug Dial: The OneTouch holds up to 50 numbers in its contact list, and allows up to 15 pre-installed numbers. However, since the OneTouch does not have a numerical keypad, you can only edit the numbers via the Operator, the GreatCall Web site, or mail or fax. You also can arrange for your trusted friends or relatives to have access to the list so that they can edit the list for you. For other features of the phone, please read our review of the Jitterbug Dial, as those are the same too.

We tested the tri-mode Jitterbug OneTouch (850/1900 CDMA; AMPS) in San Francisco using GreatCall's network. The call quality was great; similar to that of a landline phone. Callers on both ends reported crisp and clear audio quality. The speakerphone sounded very loud, and since it only has one volume setting, it sometimes got a little too loud. However, this is good if you are hard of hearing.

The Jitterbug OneTouch has a rated talk time of 3 hours and a rated standby time of 8.3 days. According to FCC radiation tests, it has an SAR rating of 0.5 watts per kilogram.

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