Samsung HKT450 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone review: Samsung HKT450 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone

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The Good The Samsung HKT450 is a portable speakerphone for the car, home, or office, plus it has A2DP stereo audio streaming and a unique privacy handset mode. Call quality is good for the most part.

The Bad The Samsung HKT450 has a flimsy visor-clip attachment. It also does not block out background noise very well.

The Bottom Line The Samsung HKT450 is a good portable Bluetooth speakerphone with a few extra features lacking in most other speakerphones.

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Bluetooth speakerphones are getting more popular these days, as more states start to implement hands-free driving laws. They're mostly made for in-car use, like the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 and the Motorola Motorokr T505. However, there are several Bluetooth speakerphones that can be used outside the car as well, such as the Samsung Portable Hands-free Speakerphone HKT450. The HKT450 not only works as a hands-free speakerphone, but it also has A2DP streaming so you can use it as a portable-stereo speaker, plus there's a "personal handset mode" that lets you use it like you would a cell phone. We weren't thrilled with the visor-clip attachment, but the number of features it has is quite impressive. The HKT450 has a street price of about $79.99.

The Samsung HKT450 may not be the thinnest Bluetooth speakerphone in the world, but it's certainly the skinniest we've ever seen. Measuring 5.23 inches long by 1.94 inches wide by 0.6 inch thick, the HKT450 is also very lightweight at only 2.85 ounces, so you could carry this around with ease.

The leftmost third of the speakerphone is dominated by an omnidirectional speaker grille, while the right side houses the multifunction call button, two LED indicators, and the volume controls. On top of the speakerphone are the 2.5mm line-out jack and the Mute/Mode button, while the charger jack is on the bottom. All controls are slightly elevated above the surface of the device, and have a nice "clicky" feel to them. The microphone is located on the top right. The HKT450 comes with a hard, plastic, visor-clip attachment (to be used on your car's visor), which we found rather flimsy--our unit's attachment broke with only the mildest of adjustments. Other accessories include a USB cable, an AC adapter, and a car charger.

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  • Sound Output Mode mono
  • Additional Features volume control
  • Type speaker phone
  • Connector Type sub-mini phone mono 2.5 mm