Samsung Galaxy Fame review: Samsung Galaxy Fame

The Fame and Young look identical. They have a home button at the bottom, flanked by light-up Android soft keys set into the face, to launch the multitasking menu or go back. The light-up keys stay dark when not in use, which means you have to either press once to wake them up and then press again, or just remember which key is which when they're not lit up.

Rounded corners give the Fame a cute look, with a silver band around the edge adding a touch of class -- until it gets covered in fingerprints, which takes about five seconds. The back is glossy plastic in a range of colors, depending on which country you live in.

The standby button and the volume buttons are on the sides of the phone, and I found when holding it one-handed that I sometimes pressed them by accident as I tried to press the button on the other side, an issue that doesn't come up when the standby button is at the top.

There are dual-SIM versions of both the Fame and Young that allow you to keep two SIM cards in the phone at the same time, so you can receive and make calls from both numbers without having to carry two phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame is a budget phone, efficiently done. It's well-made and packs the latest software, but the screen and processor hold it back from the more cutting-edge delights of Android.

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