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Running Dead has a sort of 3D top-down perspective, where you view your running character from up high, but also from behind. This view lets you see the zombie horde creeping up on you -- and if they catch you, you're finished -- but holding them off is often times as easy as weaving in and out of cars. Other times, you won't be so lucky, but a couple of perks you'll find along the way will help. Boxes that give you extra bullets and coins appear randomly on your journey, but when you find a rarer blue box, you'll either get a Savior Shot or a landmine. These are special weapons designed for when the horde is catching up to you, letting you get off a blast of your gun or drop a bomb that gives you a bit more time to continue on.

Like many games these days, Running Dead lets you spend real money to get ahead; the amount of time it takes to earn coins will certainly push some people to take the easy way out. If you have some patience, you can earn coins the hard way, but you will spend a lot of time early on just going through the motions for cash.

Running Dead is a perpetual-running game in an App Store stacked with games from this genre, but the title stands out with great-looking graphics, a combat mechanic with upgradable weapons, and special weapons that keep the game interesting. If you like zombies and want a uniquely styled escape game, this is a great option.

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