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4 stars Excellent
  • Overall: 8.0
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  • Features and Support: 7.0
  • Interface: 8.0
  • Performance: 9.0

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3.5 stars 1 user review
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The Good Running Dead is a unique running-game concept, with upgradable weapons and varied environments.

The Bad It takes too many games to make enough money for new weapons -- it feels like you're being pushed to buy your way out in the store.

The Bottom Line If you want to try a running game that's a little different from the rest in the genre, Running Dead is a good option, but be ready to grind through levels to make money for new weapons.

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Running Dead is an escape/survival game in which you guide your survivor through the ruins of a town infested by zombies. There are four control layouts to choose from, but I found the tilt controls for direction and touch screen shooting to be the best of the lot.

As you run through broken-down houses, past wrecked cars and other debris, a horde of zombies follows not very far behind. But it's what is in front of you that you need to worry about most. Zombies appear in front of you often and you'll need to use the weapon at your disposal to shoot them before they slow you down. You start with a regular pistol, but you can upgrade it with better bullets and other perks, or buy bigger, more deadly guns in the in-game store once you've earned enough money. It takes quite a few plays to be able to afford the next gun up the ladder (a submachine gun), so be prepared to grind out a few levels before getting any relief.

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