Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switch review: Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switch

This also results in the satisfying click sound that some claim to improve typing speed and accuracy, sometimes coming at the expense of irritated coworkers around you. This isn't exactly a scientific test, but we checked our speed and accuracy using and were able to achieve almost 10 extra words per minute using the RK-9000 compared with other scissor-switch laptop keyboards.

The RK-9000 is as simple a keyboard as they come; the Das Keyboard is a better choice if you want dual-powered USB ports and a more robust overall shape, but that's not to say the RK-9000 isn't well-designed, either. We like that you can see the red chassis peeking out between the keys, and the key caps themselves are concave to fit the natural curvature of your fingertips, which results in a much more comfortable typing experience. We also appreciate Rosewill's attention to detail with regard to the durability of the device: the tough nylon wrap around the USB cord and the laser-printed characters on each keycap justify the price by adding an extra layer of durability to the device.

The RK-9000 also adds the extra gaming benefit of multikey rollover, meaning the board registers each key press independently so the character is recognized regardless of how many other keys are hit at the same time. Specifically, the RK-9000 supports six-key rollover using the standard USB plug, and full n-key rollover (any number of simultaneous keys) with a PS/2 adapter (not included). Finally, Rosewill protects the RK-9000 with a year of service that includes parts and labor, should your keyboard need in-person attention.

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