Rope Escape for Android review: Not very attractive, but still hard to put down

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Rocks can be found flying in through the air in both directions. Be careful which ones you latch onto. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

The lowest portion of the screen is lined with trees, which act as your bread-and-butter swinging platforms. Meanwhile, other potential targets for your rope are flying rocks, zeppelins (which can usually be found flying just above the trees), and even UFOs, if you can propel yourself high enough into the atmosphere. There are also coins you can collect (for buying upgrades) and various special items that can help you in your journey. Rockets give you a quick boost across the screen.

While gravity is certainly your primary adversary in this game, there a still a couple others with which you must contend. Arrows and fireballs are often seen flying through the air, and they can sever your rope. Also, some UFOs have been known to drag you to the left, essentially erasing the progress you've made.

In Rope Escape there are three different game modes. The normal game mode simply has you traveling as far as you can for as long as you can. Time Attack gives you 30 seconds to get as far as you can, and Rope Attack asks you to swing as far as you can with only four ropes. Personally, I think all three game modes are fun and equally addictive.

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