Roku 2 review: A cheaper Roku with nearly everything you want

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With the difference in cost being just $20, we think those advantages are enough that most buyers should spend the extra on the Roku 3. Roku owners tend to use their boxes a lot, so the Roku 3's extra peppiness will make your streaming sessions just a little more satisfying. But if you're on a tight budget or aren't picky about having a blazing fast box, there's no denying the Roku 2 is a great streaming-media box and an excellent value, especially since it includes the headphone-jack-toting remote.

Roku boxes compared
For a deep dive on the full Roku experience, check out CNET's full review of the Roku 3 . Below is a breakdown of Roku's full product line.

Roku LT ($50): 720p video, HDMI and analog video outputs, available only at online retailers
Roku 1 ($60): adds 1080p video
Roku 2 ($80): adds Wi-Fi Direct remote with headphone jack, dual-band Wi-Fi
Roku 3 ($100): adds dual-core processor, motion control remote, Ethernet jack, USB port, SD card slot; no analog video jacks

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