Robo5 for Android review: A platform game that's puzzling on many levels

In Robo5, you'll commonly encounter things like uncrossable gaps between objects. Since Robo No. 5 cannot jump (except to get on top of a box), you must get over these obstacles by creating either bridges or stairways using movable boxes. Similarly, you often have to create stairways to get atop high platforms. The challenge is that as you move boxes around, you may be causing other boxes to fall or become otherwise inaccessible. These are the kinds of puzzles you can expect with Robo5.

If you pinch your screen, you can zoom out to get a wider look at a level, which I use often when plotting out my strategy for ascending a level. While this little trick is certainly helpful, I also wish the game let you swipe around to see specific portions of a level up close.

What frustrates me about playing Robo5 is how little you learn about the plot and game as you go. At the beginning of the game, you know literally nothing, except that you are a robot and you need to get to the top of the boxes. Then, as you make your way through the game, you get tiny tidbits of information that shed light on your character's purpose. I understand that this promise to learn more is supposed to keep you playing, but I also think that the mystique created borders on annoying. For instance, 12 levels into the game, and the icons and items still haven't been clearly explained. I think that if the game could reveal more details, more often, to enrich the storyline and inform the gameplay, it would make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Even with its borderline annoying ambiguities, Robo5 is a captivating puzzler with unique and interesting feel. The game is free to download, but it only comes with a limited number of levels before asking you to upgrade for $1.99. Once you do, you get 40 levels and 8 hidden bonus levels.

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