RCA DRC8300N review: RCA DRC8300N

The DRC8300N's DVD recording quality is good, if not exceptional. At the highest quality setting (which gives you about an hour of recording time on a 4.7GB DVD+RW), the recorder captured about 450 lines of resolution, just shy of the maximum resolution a standalone DVD recorder can muster. At the two-hour setting (your best choice for VHS archiving), the DRC8300N's recording quality fell to a still-respectable 430 lines, while it's four-hour performance managed a meager, VHS-quality 270 lines. The recorder's eight-hour mode puts up about 250 lines, but it's plagued with MPEG artifacts that turn the picture into a pixelated, jumpy mess.

Lackluster onscreen programming features and so-so menu navigation aside, the DRC8300N will make relatively quick work of archiving your VHS collection to DVD. But if DV camcorder compatibility and component-video upconversion are important to you, consider instead the similarly priced GoVideo VR3930.

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    RCA DRC8300N

    Part Number: DRC8300N Released: Jul 15, 2004
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    • Release date Jul 15, 2004
    • Type universal remote control
    • Digital Audio Format DTS digital output
      Dolby Digital output
    • Type DVD recorder
    • Output Mode stereo
    • Type DVD recorder/ VCR combo