Razer Moray In-Ear Headphones review: Razer Moray In-Ear Headphones

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The Good Razer's Moray in-ear headphones offer a comfortable, snug fit, and sound decent for the money. We also appreciated the inclusion of a carrying case and a two-prong adapter for airplane travel.

The Bad Not a ton of bass; sound quality isn't as detailed as more expensive earbuds.

The Bottom Line The Razer Moray in-ear noise-isolating gaming headphones may not distinguish themselves all that much from their in-ear noise-isolating gaming headphones competitors, but they're a perfectly good, and affordable, set of earphones for the money.

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Razer is a gaming brand and as such, it markets its Moray headphones as in-ear noise-isolating "gaming" earphones. And while there really isn't anything different about them from other soft earbud-style headphones in their price class, they do indeed pair up quite nicely with the PSP, DS, and MP3 players.

Personally, I've always liked these style earphones. The typical hard earbud-style headphones that ship with the iPod and PSP simply don't fit my ears and these soft 'buds have always worked much better. Like other earphones of this ilk, the Morays come with three different size ear-buds (small, medium, and large) and one of them will most likely fit snugly--and comfortably--in your ear. The headphones also come with a nice little neoprene carrying case and a two-pronged adapter for airplane use.

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Where to Buy

Razer Moray (White)

Part Number: RZ04-00090200-R3U1 Released: Oct. 15, 2008

Pricing is currently unavailable.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Release date Oct. 15, 2008
  • Color white
  • Weight 0.4 oz
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Additional Features noise isolating
  • Type headphones
  • Headphones Form Factor in-ear
  • Connector Type mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
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