Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset (Black) review: Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset (Black)

We ran the Carcharias through a series of tests, first examining its performance during a chat-based gaming session. We were a bit uncomfortable with the positioning of the boom microphone to start, as the boom itself isn't as adjustable as some of the headsets we've tested in the past. Since it's only flexible in the center of the boom, it may initially feel awkward when trying to use it. That said, we had nothing but solid results in all of our gaming matches with Counter-Strike as our teammates reported loud and clear voice chat from our player. We were very pleased with the audio performance in-game, as the Carcharias was able to immerse us into the multiplayer combat action. We were able to locate other player's locations hearing gunfire and footsteps quite easily.

The boom mic performs great; we just wish it was a bit more adjustable.

Next we moved to a Skype session in which our party on the other end said we sounded clear, on par with a normal cell phone call. We then tested out the noise filtering feature on the device by playing some music in the background at a low volume. It appears the Carcharias was able to filter out most of the ambient sound, however our Skype partner complained about the noise once we increased the music's volume. We also noticed that the headset did a better job of filtering out noise that was occurring in front of us rather than commotion being made behind us. This is probably because of the noise-filtering microphone's listening location.

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