Poly-Control Danalock joins the smart lock party

/ Updated: December 9, 2013 12:32 PM PST

Add Danish company Poly-Control to the list of smart lock vendors. The company's new lock, the Danalock, officially goes on sale today.

Like competing smart locks from traditional manufacturers and crowd-funded upstarts, the Danalock promises smart phone-based control of your deadbolt. This one is unique thanks to its various design and control scheme options.

On a cosmetic level, the Danalock is available in what the company calls Circle and Square models. The Circle version measures 79mm across and sits 49mm out from the door, and the entire lock itself acts as a thumb turn. The Square model includes a discrete thumb turn, but is also much larger at 140mm high, 50mm wide, and 41mm deep. Each lock has a $99 base price for a basic Bluetooth or Z-Wave variant. Choose Bluetooth if you want your smart lock to talk to your phone in a straightforward one-on-one relationship (including proximity sensing); choose Z-Wave if you want to integrate the lock into your Vera gateway-based home automation network (no word on compatibility with other Z-Wave hubs).

The company supports deadbolts from across the US and Europe. Poly-Control

For $125, you can buy a Danalock with both Z-Wave and Bluetooth radios for maximum programmability. All models rely on CR123 batteries, and will also accommodate physical key-based access since they work with your existing deadbolt.

If those international prices seem high, at least Danalock won't charge you a service fee, or a fee for extra virtual keys like Kwikset does with its Kevo smart lock. Of existing smart locks, the Danalock seems most like Yves Behar's August smart lock. The two even look the same.

The Danalock Circle model seems to have taken inspiration from the August smart lock, pictured here. August

The Danalock app is available to both Android and iOS mobile devices owners, and the company says a Windows Mobile version is due out next year. Poly-Control says it has key fob and keypad accessories in the works, but the lock itself is shipping today. We'll have a review posted as soon as our unit arrives, so check back soon for our hands-on take.

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Poly-Control Danalock

Part Number: Danalock BT100 Square

MSRP: $99.00

See manufacturer website for availability.