PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX review: PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX

A VCR-like menu makes it relatively easy to set up daily or weekly radio recordings. Set the band, the frequency, the MP3 bit rate (32Kbps to 256Kbps), and the start/end times, and you're done; in contrast, this product's predecessor recorded into the proprietary RVF format only. Just make sure you leave the Radio YourWay in a spot where reception is good; otherwise, you'll wind up with static-filled recordings. For FM, that means leaving the headphones or included wire antenna plugged in, whereas a built-in antenna manages AM reception. You also have to make sure there's enough memory available to store the show. The amount of storage is weak if you're listening to standard MP3s, but you can get more than 8 hours of recording with the 128MB model and 34 hours with the 512MB version at the lowest bit rate, which is just fine for AM radio. If internal RAM is tight, you can easily opt to record to an SD card.

Another unique feature is the built-in speaker, which makes the player seem even more like a portable radio. Unsurprisingly, the speaker sounds tinny and anemic, just like AM radio.

We liked the one-touch speed-adjust feature, which cycles between several playback speeds--some slower than normal, some faster--while keeping the pitch constant. It's great for listening to voice recordings, audiobooks, and the like. However, steer clear of the eight equalizer presets, which transform playback in varying degrees of awful. Ditto the 3D Effect option; it simulates "big" sound that's actually harsh and unappealing. Another gripe: Playback is alphabetically based on filename, so if you want to hear your tracks in the correct album order, your files will need numeric prefixes.

PoGo supplies a lanyard for wearing the player around your neck, but it's not a suitable way to listen to your tunes while jogging or exercising. A belt clip or an armband case would be preferable. Like most portable players, the Radio YourWay also comes with earbuds that most wearers will find uncomfortable before long. Happily, they sound quite good, as does the player itself when left on the Normal equalizer setting.

Although PoGo Products promises 15 hours of battery life, the Radio YourWay impressively lasted more than 17 hours in our tests. What's more, it charges using either the included AC adapter or its USB interface. Just one problem: the latter is a 1.1 connection, causing molasses-slow file transfers of 0.55MB per second.

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    PoGo Products Radio YourWay LX (512MB)

    Part Number: LX512 Released: Mar 16, 2005

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    Quick Specifications See All

    • Release date Mar 16, 2005
    • Built-in Display LCD
    • Battery Player battery - rechargeable - lithium polymer
    • Tuner Bands AM/FM
    • Run Time (Up To) 15 hour(s)
    • Capacity 512 MB
    • Weight 3 oz
    • Supported Digital Audio Standards MP3
    • Installed Size 512 MB
    • Type 1 year warranty
    • Sound Output Mode stereo
    • Type Flash player