Plantronics Discovery 925 review: Plantronics Discovery 925

Features of the Discovery 925 aren't too different from other Plantronics headsets. There's the typical answering, ending, and rejecting calls, as well as voice-dial support, last-number redial, and the capability to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa. A nice bonus feature is the 925 supports Multipoint technology, which lets you pair up to two different Bluetooth devices at once. This way you can use one headset with two different phones.

The Discovery 925 comes with a leather charging case that looks a lot like a lipstick case. You can charge up the case along with the headset for extra battery life.

We tested the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset with the RIM BlackBerry Pearl, and the pairing process went very smoothly thanks to the Discovery 925's QuickPair system that automatically places the headset in pairing mode when it's turned on for the first time. Call quality was excellent, with audio performance comparable with landline quality. This is probably because of Plantronics' AudioIQ digital signal processing technology that reduces background noise considerably. Callers reported that our voice sounded very natural, and we thought the same of them. That said, it didn't perform so well in windy environments.

The Plantronics Discovery 925 has a rated talk time of 5 hours. It had a rated standby time of 7.29 days with the Multipoint technology turned off, and a rated standby time of 4.16 days when it's turned on.

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