Planon Universal Mobile Charger review: Planon Universal Mobile Charger

Setup is so easy we barely had to read the directions. A green light lets you know when the charger is powered up. You then only have to plug in the phone and charging will begin. Again, the green light will indicate when charging is complete. After you're all done, you can disconnect your phone and make that all-important call.

It took about four hours to get a full charge on the charger. We then connected it to a Sony Ericsson W600i that was just about out of battery power. The charger kicked into life immediately and started to deliver juice to the phone. It took only about half an hour to deliver about a 90 percent charge, which is quite satisfactory. Yet no matter how long we left the charger connected the W600i never showed a completely full charge; instead it stopped just short. That's not a huge deal, but it is less than we were hoping for. Also, after only about 20 minutes of talking, the W600i's dropped down to about a 60 percent charge. Both issues could be due to the phone, however.

We also used the Planon to charge a Nokia 6133 and a Creative Zen Vision MP3 player. The Creative Zen took a bit longer to power. From a completely dead battery, it took about two hours to get a full charge on the charger.

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