Pixlr Express for Android review:

Your go-to photo editor for Android

One adjustment that Instagram users will surely love is Focal Blur, which is essentially Instagram's tilt-shift tool but with more control. Another neat feature is Color Splash, which can turn an entire photo to black and white, except for a single color of your choosing.

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Like Tilt-shift, the Focal Blur adjustment lets pick a region to keep in focus while blurring the rest of your photo. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

But perhaps my favorite of Pixlr's adjustments is Auto Fix. In a single click, this almost-magical tool can make colors more vibrant, compensate for exposure problems, adjust contrast levels, and more. It can do wonders for a mediocre photo that may not have been taken in ideal conditions.

The Effects menu houses all of Pixlr's photo filters, which number more than a hundred in all and cover a range of looks, from muted vintage tones to vibrant colors. There's also a Creative effects menu that offers different ways to slice and multiply photos to achieve that Andy Warhol look if you like. You can even adjust the opacity of any filter by moving its Fade slider. This is yet another control that sets Pixlr apart from many other mobile photo editors.

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The Creative effects menu lets you slice and multiply your photo for a more artsy finished product. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

While filters add different combinations of color and light settings to your photos, Overlays provide layers of shape or image-based visual effects. For example, you can add flames, smoke, or circular vignettes. There are also a variety of Bokeh effects that can give different looks to the unfocused points of light in your photos. For any of these, you can change the Fade settings, and even rotate or reposition (vertically or horizontally) an overlay in order to get just the perfect look.

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