Pioneer DEH-P6000UB review: Pioneer DEH-P6000UB

The DEH-P6000UB has features for tweaking and enhancing the quality of audio output once it has been selected. The system's headline feature is its Advanced Sound Retriever technology, which is designed to enhance compressed audio by restoring sound lost in the compression process. ASR works only on MP3-, WMA-, and AAC-encoded discs and can be set to one of two levels depending on the amount of artificial harmonic restoration required--typically, audio encoded at a lower bit rate will require the higher ASR level 2 setting. In practice, the ASR technology serves to give compressed audio tracks greater depth and richness.

The system's Advanced Sound Retrieval technology restores some of the audio quality lost in compressed recordings.

Parallel with the ASR settings, the DEH-P6000UB has a seven-band equalizer, which can be used to tweak audio of all formats. The system comes with seven presets including two custom EQ curves and an "S.Bass" setting, which enhances low-end output. Other useful audio-tweaking features include source-level adjustment, which lets drivers assign volume levels to individual sources; separate controls for turning on and selecting the level of the subwoofer; and a high-pass filter for diverting all low-end sound below a certain frequency to the subwoofer. No matter how you have your EQ set up, the DEH-P6000UB provides a robust sound thanks to its built-in MOSFET amplifier (14 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels), and those who want to upgrade this can take advantage of three sets of 4-volt preamp outputs . The system can also be turned into a satellite radio receiver or a Bluetooth hands-free calling interface with the addition of external modules.

In sum
For a price of about $250, the DEH-P6000UB is a good-value single-DIN stereo. We like its snazzy design, its as-standard iPod control including its advanced features for navigating iPod libraries, as well as its many audio tweaking and customization features.

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    Pioneer DEH-P6000UB

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    • Type CD / MP3 player
    • Type radio tuner
    • Car Audio Type CD receiver
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