PicsArt Photo Studio for iOS review: PicsArt has it all, but is it too much?

Having tons of features is a great thing, but with this app, I wonder when it becomes too much. In my testing, I sometimes noticed that my screen was being taken over by controls and sliders, all of which could be useful in specific situations. But maybe the problem I have with it is less about what the app can do than it is about the UI design. Whatever it is, there are moments where I think the controls are taking over my entire screen.

When you're done tweaking your image, you can send it over e-mail from within the app, or you can share with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, on Dropbox, or display for other users of PicsArt. The PicsArt community has thousands of images to explore, so it's a great place to browse if you're looking for new ideas. It also has the familiar like and comment buttons, and you can check out and follow specific users' images.

Overall, PicsArt Photo Studio gives you a ton of ways to play with your images, with tools to fit almost any situation. There's even more to download (such as free clip-art libraries) if you think you need more, but I think you'll find that PicsArt has quite a lot to work with straight out of the box. Anyone looking for a comprehensive photo editing and effects app should definitely give this app a try.

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