Pentax PocketJet 3 printer review: Pentax PocketJet 3 printer

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CNET Editors' Rating

3 stars Good
  • Overall: 6.8
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 6.0
  • Performance: 7.0
  • Service and support: 7.0
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The Good Small and easily portable; decent text quality; no inks to refill or to spill during travel; wireless infrared printing; battery and case included.

The Bad Many small pieces to carry around; prints on expensive thermal paper; no paper feeder for letter-size sheets; case doesn't hold AC adapter.

The Bottom Line The PocketJet 3 is pricey and prints only on special paper, but it's more convenient than a portable inkjet if you need to print black text in out-of-the-way places.

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Pentax PocketJet 3

If you need a portable grayscale printer to carry on a business trip, the Pentax PocketJet 3 may fit your bill. But with its $349 price tag, you're paying a premium for portability, especially given that the PocketJet 3 prints at a mere 200dpi (the 300dpi Plus version costs an extra $100). If you just need to print tiny black-and-white receipts on the road, check out the pocket-size Brother mPrint MW-140BT . And if you prefer a larger portable printer that manages photos as well as letter-size text documents, scope out the Canon Pixma iP90 or the HP Deskjet 450wbt . Still, the unique Pentax PocketJet 3 meets a niche need if you prize portability and have to print letter-size documents.

We find this petite PocketJet, about the size of an elongated stapler, easier to carry around than a portable but boxy inkjet printer. The PocketJet 3 measures 10 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep and 1.25 inches thick and weighs about a pound--a fraction of the size and the heft of a portable inkjet alternative such as the Canon Pixma iP90. This Pentax printer can operate on AC power, a battery, or DC power from a car cigarette lighter. You can hook up the printer to PCs, Macs, and several handhelds via USB or infrared connections. The PocketJet 3 comes with an AC adapter and a battery specified to print 100 pages on one charge and to last 400 discharge cycles. A spare lithium-ion battery costs $39, and a car cigarette-lighter adapter runs $19. Pentax provides a cushioned case for the printer with a pocket to hold the supplied USB cable but not the power adapter.

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Pentax PocketJet 3 Plus B/W Printer

Part Number: 205571 Released: Jan 24, 2005

MSRP: $449.00

See manufacturer website for availability.

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  • Release date Jan 24, 2005
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Interface USB
  • Max Speed 3 ppm