Pantech C630 - gray (AT&T) review: Pantech C630 - gray (AT&T)

Of course, as part of the AT&T Mobile Music service, the C630 has a built-in music player as well. It supports MP3, MIDI, iMelody, MMF, WAV, SMAF, and AAC+ file formats. Though the player interface is pretty generic, you can still do the typical play, pause, and skip tracks, as well as set the songs on repeat or shuffle. You can create and edit playlists, plus there are six preset equalizer settings. The C630 comes with 64MB of internal memory but you can always add more storage via a microSD card.

The Pantech C630 takes good photos.

The 1.3-megapixel camera on the C630 can take pictures in four resolutions (1,280x960, 1,024x768, 640x480, and 320x240), four white-balance settings, four color effects, and three quality settings. Other settings include brightness, a self-timer, a shutter sound toggle, and a timer sound toggle. We were pleasantly surprised by the photo quality--though the color appeared overcast, the overall image was sharp without a lot of blurriness. The built-in camcorder can record in two resolutions (128x96 and 176x144) in either short MMS mode or for as much storage that's available. Video quality was not that great, with a lot of jerky movements and pixelation, but that's fairly typical for camera phones.

Personalization options for the C630 include the typical graphics and sounds for wallpaper, alert tones, and more. The C630 comes with games too, which include Tetris, a demo version of Bubble Bash, and Diner Dash 2. It also has applications like MobiTV, The Weather Channel, WikiMobile, and Mobile Banking. You can download and shop for more of these customization options and applications from AT&T's Media Mall.

We tested the quad-band GSM and dual-band UMTS/HSDPA Pantech C630 with AT&T in San Francisco. We were very impressed with the call quality overall. Though voices sometimes sounded a bit muddled and there was the occasional echo, we could still hear our callers loud and clear. On their end, callers said we sounded loud and clear as well, though they could still tell we were on a cell phone. We made a call to an airline's automated voice recognition system, and we got through without a hitch. As for speakerphones, callers could hear us just fine, but we thought the sound quality of the speaker was a little hollow. That's pretty normal for a speakerphone, though.

The same goes for the audio quality from the music player. When heard via the speakers, the music sounded tinny and was lacking in depth. But with a pair of stereo headphones, the music sounded just fine. It probably won't replace your MP3 player, but it's good enough for a quick listen.

We were also pleased with the 3G speeds on the C630. Downloading a song took around a minute, and we had no hiccups when streaming video.

The Pantech C630 has a rated battery life of 5 hours and 16 days standby time. It has a tested talk time of 5 hours and 25 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, the C630 has a digital SAR rating of 1.36 watts per kilogram.

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