Outlook.com for Android review: Brighter and better than before

When it comes to e-mail basics, the Outlook app works like a charm. It can sync to your device's contacts and calendar, and you can set its refresh frequency. There's a Push notification option, which is great, or you can have the app sync as infrequently as every hour, or manually, if you want to conserve battery life. And as is pretty standard with mail clients, you can even choose to sync only specific folders.

The Compose e-mail screen is as clean and minimal as you would expect, considering what the rest of the app looks like. It's mostly made up of white space, with the Cc and Bcc fields tucked into a menu, and the Send, Attach, and Delete buttons sitting in the gray toolbar at the bottom.

It's worth mentioning that Outlook makes it easy to attach files of any type to your e-mails, which is more than I can say for the Gmail app. By comparison, you can only attach photos and videos from within the Gmail app, and for all other file types you have to find that file on your Android device and use the Android share command.

Conveniently, Outlook for Android supports multiple e-mail accounts, including Live and Hotmail accounts. This means that if you use more than one, you can log in and easily toggle among them from the sliding panel on the app's Home screen. What the app does not support, though, is e-mail aliases. While Outlook for Android does let you receive messages addressed to your e-mail aliases (Microsoft lets you create up to five per account), the app does not let you send e-mails from them, which is inconvenient for power users.

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