Optek Music Systems Fretlight 421 Guitar (Classic Jet Black) review: Optek Music Systems Fretlight 421 Guitar (Classic Jet Black)

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The Good LED lights add value to beginning guitar lessons; Fender-like design; can be used as a standard electric guitar.

The Bad Software doesn't include any basic songs beyond scales; Windows only; expensive.

The Bottom Line The technologically advanced Fretlight guitar is no replacement for a human teacher; however, it could be a useful teaching tool for instructors themselves.

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Optek Fretlight 421 guitar

Editors' note: The Fretlight 421 Guitar featured in this review has undergone a number of enhancements. To find out more about the current product line and the improvements that have been made, please visit Fretlight's Web site. Also, note that the information and rating contained on this product page only applies to the old product and should not be considered an accurate representation of any current product in the Fretlight line.

It's not often that we CNET editors get to pretend we're rock stars and play around with conventional musical instruments. So you can imagine our surprise and delight when Optek Music Systems contacted us with a desire to send us its $600 Fretlight 421 guitar. Why would the company want a tech site to review its specialty instrument? Put simply, this is not your average guitar. It can connect directly to a computer, and it features LED lights in the fingerboard meant for teaching novice musicians the basics of play.

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