Nyko Wing (Wireless) review: Nyko Wing (Wireless)

A large concern for most gamers revolves around the performance of the D-pad (directional pad). Most retro games rely heavily on that interface and playing a game with a poor D-pad can ruin an experience. That said, we're happy to say that the D-pad on the Nyko Wing performs just as we'd expect. Our trials with games such as Mega Man 9 and Sonic the Hedgehog showed off its solid performance.

Another aspect of the controller we found impressive was the performance of the two analog sticks at the center of the Wing. Compared with the Nintendo Original, the sticks on the Wing felt much tighter and more precise. However, when applied in a real gaming situation, we didn't find too much a difference in terms of gameplay. In other words, it'll take a few sessions to get used to their unique response time. While playing Super Mario 64 on the Virtual Console, we were comfortable with the sticks after just 20 minutes of play.

The Nyko Wing requires two AAA batteries and comes with a pair to start you off. If you own rechargeable NiMH batteries, the Nyko Wing can charge these while still inside the controller. Simply plug in a mini USB cord into the port below the analog sticks and connect it to a powered USB port. A convenient LED light lets you know the charging progress on the batteries. The Wing will even work with no batteries if you keep it attached a powered USB port.

Overall, the Nyko Wing truly impressed us in almost every aspect. Its comfort, design, and performance are all top notch. We definitely recommend it over the Nintendo Original, especially for anyone who is a dedicated Virtual Console enthusiast.

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