Nyko Wand (Wii) review:

Nyko Wand (Wii)

The rubberized battery cover and B trigger button feel great.

The Wand's claim to fame is certainly its Trans-Port technology, which allows for button commands to be passed through to the remote through its bottom port. This technology will be taken advantage of by specially designed third-party accessories (to be made by Nyko). That said, there aren't any devices available yet that use this. Nyko has promised a Pistol Grip accessory that'll allow for the A and B buttons to be used on the gun's handle, but that isn't scheduled to be available until later this summer. We're not doubting the technology here, it just would have been satisfying to see it in action. Unfortunately, without some hands-on experience, the Trans-Port technology section of this review gets an "I" for incomplete.

There's also some confusion as to whether Wii MotionPlus will be compatible with the Wand. Nyko has told us that Nintendo has not shared any prototypes with the company, so it's essentially impossible to know whether MotionPlus and the Wand will play nicely. We'd have to recommend waiting for our compatibility test results with the two products before purchasing a Wand.

Performance-wise, the Wand acts just like a regular Wii remote. There's no noticeable difference in reaction time, pointing abilities, motion control, or vibration. The standard Nunchuk plugs into the base port with no problems, and there was never an issue of incompatibility. For good measure, Nyko includes a customized wrist strap and blue rubberized covering, to boot.

Nyko includes a rubber cover and wrist strap.

We're glad to see the Wand is priced similarly to the Wii remote, retailing online for about $30. We wouldn't be able to recommend it had it been priced more expensive. If you're concerned about button size, the Wand has you covered, but the absence of products that support Trans-Port and the uncertainty of MotionPlus compatibility may have you waiting until you pull the trigger on a Nyko Wand. When we do have answers to these questions, we'll be sure to update this review and score accordingly.

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