Nyko SpeakerCom 360 (Black) review: Nyko SpeakerCom 360 (Black)

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2.5 stars OK
  • Overall: 5.5
  • Design: 6.0
  • Features: 6.0
  • Performance: 4.0
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The Good Two game chat modes; speaker is loud and clear; magnetic earbud necklace design; tangle-free flat wires; inexpensive.

The Bad Frustrating performance causes echoes and static; flimsy plastic mic mute button; earbuds prevent some game audio from being heard; mic placement lends itself to distortion.

The Bottom Line The Nyko SpeakerCom 360 is a great idea on paper, but is seriously flawed in its actual performance.

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Other than wireless headsets, we haven't seen much in the way of innovative accessories for use with chatting in online games. With the enormous popularity of titles such as Modern Warfare 2--where voice chat is an integral part of the online experience--it's fair to assume we'd see some improvements on the current system.

One of the most-sought-after requests in online game chat is the ability for more than one player to take part in the conversation using the same console. The way things are currently set up on services like Xbox Live only allow one person to chat at a time. In an effort to satisfy multiple online gamers in the same room, Nyko released the SpeakerCom 360, a device that turns voice chat into a speakerphone-style experience.

Though it sounds great on paper, the SpeakerCom 360 just doesn't perform as well as we would have wanted. It does a few things right and there are some impressive ideas here, but unfortunately the device is inherently flawed in a number of ways.

The SpeakerCom 360 boasts two modes of voice chat: speakerphone-style and in-ear, which uses two standard earbuds. The overall design of the headset is quite clever. It can be worn two ways: around the neck (using the magnetic earbuds as a necklace) so that the speaker box rests on your chest, or conventionally with a bud in each ear.

We really liked the clever magnetic earbud design.

We really appreciated the flat-wire design used, which makes the cables almost impossible to tangle. This is a major step up from the standard Xbox 360 headset, which has a tendency to tie up easily. The end of the wire connects directly into an Xbox 360 controller; once you've done that, your setup is complete.

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  • CE Product Type game controller headset adapter