Nyko Charger Grip (PSP 2000) review: Nyko Charger Grip (PSP 2000)

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The Good The Charger Grip improves upon PSP ergonomics by mimicking the PS2 controller's design and its built-in rechargeable battery provides 10 hours of extra juice for your PSP.

The Bad Construction is a little chintzy, and an extra battery for the PSP costs about the same.

The Bottom Line With only a couple of small downsides, the Nyko Charger Grip for PSP delivers exactly what it promises: a more ergonomic gaming experience on your slim PSP and up to 10 hours of extra battery life.

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Nyko brought out its original Charger Grip for the original PSP back in early 2006, and now the company's slightly altered its design to accommodate the Sony's slimmer, second-generation PSP, which is officially referred to as the PSP 2000.

The idea behind the accessory is that it acts as both an extended battery for the PSP and an ergonomic aid. The battery that ships with the PSP gives you around 5 hours of battery life--and closer to 3 if you're using the PSP's WiFi. If you're looking for some extra juice, you can always buy an extra battery, which will run you between $30 and $40, depending on whether you buy Sony's official battery or a third party's version. The other option is to go with Nyko's Charger Grip ($30 street price), which Nyko says provides up to an extra 10 hours of battery life from its built-in lithium ion rechargeable. This represents a substantial increase over the previous Charger Grip's battery life, which is the result of Sony making the PSP 2000 more energy efficient than its predecessor.

With a little finessing, you simply clip your PSP into the Charger Grip, and in a matter of moments your PSP will suddenly look and feel a whole lot more like a standard PS3 controller. As we said in our earlier review, if we had a criticism for the Charger Grip it's that its plastic clips may be susceptible to breaking, especially if someone should accidentally step on the accessory (or some other form of force is brought to bear on its plastic extensions). Otherwise, the Charger Grip works as advertised. Because of its shape, your hand will feel less cramped when playing with the PSP for long periods, though naturally, as with any controller, it's best to take breaks from time to time and do a little stretching--or your hand will cramp, regardless.

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