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The Good Simple interface; one-click access to old files; fixes just about anything.

The Bad Expensive tech support.

The Bottom Line While the System Restore utility built into Windows XP is nice, Norton GoBack 4.0 delivers a lot more control and flexibility, making your PC almost glitch-proof.

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Although Symantec bought GoBack from Roxio several years ago, Norton GoBack 4.0 is the first new version of the app since 2001. In the intervening years, Microsoft added its System Restore feature to Windows XP, eliminating some of GoBack's uniqueness. Nonetheless, this software still has merit. For its latest version, Symantec enhanced GoBack with plenty of new features, including the ability to revert to old versions of individual files--rather than what System Restore does, which is restore the entire Windows operating system to its state before a change was made. This once again makes GoBack a vital utility for all PC users. While GoBack might seem pricey, it could easily save you a tech-support call and hours of troubleshooting. The standalone utility is also available as part of Norton SystemWorks 2005, which is a much better deal given the extra utilities included. When installed, Norton GoBack 4.0 consumes a fair amount of disk space, but otherwise, its system requirements are minimal. For Windows XP users, Symantec suggests you have a 300MHz or higher processor, 128MB of RAM, and at least 200MB of free hard disk space. To be most effective, however, you'll also need to reserve 10 percent of your disk space for GoBack to use storing system backups. With many hard drives offering 200GB or more, setting aside 20GB shouldn't be too taxing.

It took us 15 minutes to install GoBack on a 40GB hard drive half-filled with data files. If you have a larger hard drive, expect the process to take longer if more data needs to be stored.

As with previous versions, GoBack lets you choose from a number of previous stable system points to which you can revert your drive.

GoBack's clean, simple interface makes it easy to reverse software woes, displaying various times when the app has saved snapshots of your entire system. Rather than manually editing registry files, adjusting network settings, or troubleshooting drivers yourself, simply choose the last time your system worked and restore your system to that time--be it one day, one week, or one month ago.

In Norton GoBack 4.0, Symantec has taken the original concept of snapshot system recovery and made it more granular: You can now also choose to restore the entire hard drive or just one individual file. The previous version, on the other hand, saved only strategic system files. By restoring your entire drive, the system is restored to a previously saved date, byte for byte. This is different from the System Restore feature in Windows XP, which restores most system files but leaves your personal files alone. GoBack's latest version can restore as much as 8GB of data.

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