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The Good The Nokia BH-801 has a compact and stylish design with a snug and comfortable fit. We liked the addition of the optional ear loop, the metal neck strap, and the belt clip.

The Bad The Nokia BH-801 has a tiny power button that is hard to press. Call quality was not so good in windier environments.

The Bottom Line The Nokia BH-801 is a simple yet attractive Bluetooth headset with a comfortable fit and decent sound quality.

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Nokia has done a good job in the past year of releasing a slew of attractive yet functional Bluetooth headsets to accompany its cell phone line. We especially liked the Nokia BH-800, which earned a spot in our list of top ten Bluetooth headsets. This year, Nokia has released its successor, the Nokia BH-801. It's just as small and compact, with a few design refinements when compared to its predecessor. The Nokia BH-801 is also quite affordable at $99.99, and you can get it at most Cingular/AT&T stores. To find more accessories like this, plus tips on how to use them, please check out our cell phone accessories help page.

Decked out in a soft silver finish with chrome accents, the Nokia BH-801 is definitely an attractive headset. Just a tad larger than the Nokia BH-800, the Nokia BH-801 is 1.89 inches long by 0.79 inch wide by 0.39 inch deep, and weighs around 0.38 ounce. It has a simple yet stylish rectangular design with curved corners and a nice soft-touch surface on the back. The BH-801's multifunction button is sloped slightly inward to fit the curvature of your fingertips, making it quite easy to press. It has a tiny power button on top, which we thought was a little too small--we had to use our fingernails in order to press it in. On the left spine is a volume rocker in the form of a toggle switch, which was surprisingly easy to use even when the headset was worn on the ear.

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Nokia BH-801

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Quick Specifications See All

  • Weight 0.4 oz
  • Sound Output Mode mono
  • Additional Features Bluetooth
  • Type headset
  • Headphones Form Factor over-the-ear
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