Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headphone review: Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headphone

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The Good The Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth headset is easy to use and has a secure fit. Also, music quality was very good.

The Bad The Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth headset can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods. At times, call quality wasn't the best.

The Bottom Line The Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth headset is a decent headset for most uses, but we recommend you give it a try before buying.

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Stereo Bluetooth headsets have become a big business in the past year, particularly as more cell phones with stereo Bluetooth profiles hit the market. That's certainly a welcome change from the not-so-distant past when most music phones still required a wired headset. Nokia is one company that has jumped on this trend with headsets such as the Nokia BH-501. Designed to accompany handsets such as the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music, the BH-501 brings stereo sound for both music and calling functions without the tangle of wires. On the whole, the fit was secure, and performance was admirable, particularly when listening to music, but we had a few complaints with the comfort and the call quality. At $149, they tend to be more expensive than other stereo Bluetooth headsets, so we suggest that before buying, you give them a try to make sure you like them.

The BH-501 headset has a fairly standard design that's meant to be worn behind the neck. Generally we favor this wearing style, as it tends to be both secure and comfortable. The foam-covered ear pads are designed to rest against your ear, rather than inside them, so they slip on and off with ease. We had mixed feelings about the small rubber protrusions that arc over the top of the ear. While they prevented the BH-501 headset from slipping off accidentally, they began to rub against our ears somewhat uncomfortably after long wearing periods. Your experience will depend on your own personal preferences, however, as users with smaller ears didn't report the same issues.

The headphones are connected by a flexible neckband that bends to accommodate heads of all sizes. Though we were worried at first that the neckband didn't extend, it didn't seem to be a problem for any of our testers. On the other hand, you can fold the ear pads inward to make for a more compact carrying arrangement. The neckband is gray, and the earpads come in two colors: white and black. The color is a personal preference entirely; we liked our white test model, but other users may find it to be too conspicuous. And speaking of which, the 2-inch ear pads are far from small. The BH-501 isn't a headset for the understated.

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Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Headphone

Part Number: 0276619

MSRP: $89.95

See manufacturer website for availability.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Color black
  • Weight 2.4 oz
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Additional Features foldable
  • Type headset
  • Headphones Form Factor behind-the-neck