Nokia 7380 review:

Nokia 7380

One of the more surprising aspects of the Nokia 7380 is the impressive feature set in such a small form factor. Nokia has managed to cram in a 2-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and a video recorder. More on that later but first, the basics: The phone comes with a 1,000-entry address book that stores five numbers, an e-mail address, a mailing address, a Web address, and notes for each contact. Voice tags are added automatically to your contacts for voice dialing, and you can assign an image per contact for photo caller ID, though with a screen this size, this is of questionable value. You can also sort them in up to 25 groups, but we didn't notice an option for personalized ring tones. The Nokia 7380 comes with five different profiles (General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, and Pager) that allow for different ring volumes and vibration settings, as well as 18 different polyphonic ring tones in AAC; it also supports MIDI and MP3 ring tones. Other features include text and multimedia messaging, an alarm clock, a calendar, a to-do list, notes, a voice recorder, and a speakerphone. You can also utilize Bluetooth and the Nokia PC Suite software to transfer content to and fro the phone and the PC. There isn't any infrared connectivity, though the Bluetooth more than makes up for it. A WAP 2.0 Web browser is also available, but the screen makes surfing the Internet a pain.

The Nokia 7380's camera comes with a flash.

The biggest upgrade from the Nokia 7280 to the Nokia 7380 is the 2-megapixel camera, a far cry from the 7280's VGA camera. Not only does it have up to 4X zoom, it even has a flash and a self-timer function. You can also select up to four image sizes (320x240, 800x600, 1,152x864, and 1,600x1,200), three different image-quality settings (High, Normal, and Basic), and three different modes (standard, portrait, and night); name image titles on the fly; and choose whether to have a shutter sound. Despite the higher image quality, it was difficult to note the difference when capturing an image because of the phone's screen size. As mentioned, the camera can also record video at 176x144 pixels in 3GP format. Resulting images were surprisingly clear and detailed for a camera phone, and the captured videos were good enough, considering its low resolution.

Despite the Nokia 7380's 2-megapixel resolution, camera photo quality was fair.

A new feature on the Nokia 7380 is the addition of a music player that supports MP3 and AAC file formats. While you can't create your own playlists, the track list is easily accessible, and you can place it on shuffle and repeat. There's also a unique feature that lets you play audio via a Bluetooth connection to an external audio device, though we don't see much use to this. Music can be uploaded to the phone via software or via music downloads if the service provider supports it. However, the phone's meager 52MB of memory barely holds the images and videos, so there's probably not enough room on the phone to store more than one or two songs, thus making the music player fairly useless. The Nokia 7380 also features radio functionality, along with the ability to set preset stations.

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