Netgear NeoTV (NTV200) review:

Netgear NeoTV (NTV200)

The included remote is reasonably sized and felt nice in my hand. The buttons have a solid weight to them and, as I mentioned, perform well. Everything is laid out logically enough, with no big complaints on the controller front.

Overall picture quality is very good. I was impressed with how great Netflix movies looked and the speed of cycling through the various channels offered on the NeoTV. Of course I'd definitely recommend connecting the unit to the Internet via its Ethernet port, but utilizing a Wi-Fi connection is not a deal breaker by any stretch.

Aside from the generous amount of content channels offered, that's pretty much where the NeoTV's functionality ends. I had a lot success making use of the optional smartphone app (Android or iOS) that let me control the unit via my Android phone.

I really wish the NeoTV allowed me to provide my own channel information or at least some sort of bring-your-own feed option. Plugging in a video RSS feed should be easy enough to pull off, but it's not possible here.

Also, there's a serious dearth of extra ports on the NeoTV. While CNET's Roku reviews don't consider the USB port found on the 2 XS to be all that impressive in terms of file-type playback compatibility, it's still an option the NeoTV can't match. Also, NeoTV only allows for an HDMI connection (though it does also boast an optical audio port), as opposed to most other products that allow for other video connections (like component via a breakout AV cable).

There are not a whole lot of port options around back, but the optical audio jack is a refreshing touch.

Overall, the Netgear NeoTV is a good media streamer that offers a very generous amount of diverse video, photo, and audio content. Unfortunately, that's where the features end. The lack of any expandable memory and its limited connectivity really limit its universal appeal. And now with the news of a $50 Roku LT competitor, there's almost no reason to pay the extra $25-$30 on NeoTV, save for the unique Android/iOS control feature.

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