My Tracks (Android) review: Google makes a solid multipurpose GPS tracker

Once you're done, you can tap any of your saved Tracks to see your path on a map or read all of your statistics. Also, there's a chart you can pull up, which displays the elevation changes throughout your recorded trip. One of my favorite features is the satellite playback, which "flies" you along your path on a Google Earth satellite image. The share feature is also useful, as it can send friends all the statistics from your trip, plus a link to the Google Maps page with your route plotted out.

My Tracks can summon Google Earth's 3D flyover powers to playback your trip. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

While My Tracks isn't exactly one of Google's more popular apps, I do think it's poised for some growth. It's incredibly useful, and since it's open source, I can imagine countless third-party developers incorporating its route-recording technology into their projects. If you like to meticulously track your runs, bike rides, drives, or other adventures, then definitely give it a shot. It may not have all of the athlete-specific features of some other apps, but it definitely works well as a multipurpose GPS tracker.

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