Motorola W755 review:

Motorola W755

The 1.3-megapixel camera takes pictures in four resolutions. You also can play with a self-timer, brightness, and white balance settings, three color effects, a 4x digital zoom, nine fun frames, and four shutter sounds (there's no silent option). That's a smaller selection of features then we'd like.

The camcorder shoots clips with sound in one resolution (176x144). Editing options are even fewer than on the still camera. Videos meant for multimedia messages are capped at 1 minute, 25 seconds; otherwise, you can shoot for as long as the available memory permits. There is no flash or camcorder light, and we bemoan the lack of camera shortcut on the outside of the phone. As it is, you must open the phone and start the camera before you can close it for a vanity shot.

The W755 has great photo quality.

Photo quality was quite good. Colors were bright, objects were defined, and our photos were free of excessive noise. Videos weren't as sharp but the W755 is one of the better Moto camera phones we've tested. The handset comes with about 70MB of shared memory for storing your work. That's a decent amount of storage, but you can always use a memory card for more room.

As an EV-DO phone, the W755 supports the full range of Verizon's 3G services including the V Cast video service and the V Cast music store. The music player's interface is identical to those on other Verizon phones. You also have the option to purchase Verizon's GPS service, VZ Naviagtor or its Chaperone child locater service.

You can personalize the W755 with a selection of wallpapers, display themes, clock formats, and banners. You can download more options and more ringtones form Verizon using the WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser. The W755 doesn't come with any games.

We tested the dual-band, dual-mode (CDMA 800/1900; EV-DO) Motorola W755 in San Francisco using Verizon Wireless service. Call quality was quite decent; we had acceptable voice clarity on our end and we encountered no static or interference. The volume could be a bit louder but it should satisfy most users. Our only issue is that we did hear an echoed effect at times.

On their end, callers said we sounded fine. A few reported a slight background hiss, but we didn't hear the same. They could tell we were using a cell phone, but on the whole the W755 offers great call quality. We also had no trouble being understood by automated calling systems or using the voice dialing feature.

Unfortunately, the speakerphone didn't perform quite as well. On our end voices were muffled with a slight crackling sound. Meanwhile, callers had trouble hearing us when we wee in a quiet room. Bluetooth headset calls were better; we paired the W755 with a couple of models and enjoyed respectable call quality.

Multimedia performance was uneven. On the upside, streaming video was excellent. Clips downloaded quickly and were very sharp, even with quick movements. Though the size of the frame is smaller than we'd like, the W755 is one of the best V Cast phones we've seen in a while. On the downside, music quality was poor. As mentioned earlier, the output of the phone's speaker is rather poor and our tunes suffered as a result. The volume was fine, but the clarity was not. A headset provides a better experience. We also experienced slow song downloads from the V Cast music store. A 1.58MB track downloaded in 1 minute, 5 seconds.

The V755 has a rated battery life of 3.67 hours talk time and 16.25 days standby time. According to our tests, we had a talk time of 3 hours and 27 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests the W755 has a SAR of 0.8 watt per kilogram.

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