Moshi Concerti for iPad 3rd Gen & iPad 2 review: Moshi Concerti for iPad 3rd Gen & iPad 2

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CNET Editors' Rating

3.5 stars Very good
  • Overall: 7.7
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 8.0
  • Performance: 8.0

The Good The Moshi Concerti for iPad case has some great elements, like comfortable microfiber material, a built-in stand, and a sleep/wake trigger.

The Bad The Concerti case opens "backward" and my review unit smelled unpleasant.

The Bottom Line The comfortable Moshi Concerti portfolio-style case for the third-generation iPad and iPad 2 offers some clever features at a fair price, but may disorient some users at first.

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Moshi is a good example of a company that puts some thought into designing its iPad and iPhone products, without charging haute designer prices. That doesn't mean that every thought process that makes sense on paper makes sense in the hand, but all in all, the Concerti iPad case for Apple's new iPad and the iPad 2 -- which comes in Falcon Gray, Tyrian Purple, and Metro Black colors -- has some interesting design features in a comfortable, functional package.

At first glance, the Moshi Concerti looks like a typical case with a fold-over flap. A second look tells you its construction isn't as typical as it seems. First difference from the pack: you slip the iPad into a lined silicone holder that's affixed to the back cover. The rubbery material holding the iPad in place is flexible and seems strong, but I do wonder if it will stretch or tear over time. For now, it seems pretty rip-resistant. You'll also notice that the portfolio-style cover orients from right to left, not from left to right. The reverse opening motion is a bit disorienting for people who are trained to read from left to right.

There's a reason why Moshi wanted to load in the tablet "backward," and that's so you can peel back the cover to reveal the iPad camera, which is usually obstructed once you slide it into a case. It's cool that the case frees the camera (you know, if you're one of those iPad photographers,) but when you do take a photo this way, you need to fold the case just so or else you'll be left holding an awkward length of microfiber flap.

Many other design elements are spot-on. Moshi chose a microfiber material that feels plush and comfortable, although it smells unpleasantly factory-new (this will dissipate...I hope). The case has two grooves you can use to form a no-slip stand, and its magnetic latch not only snaps the case closed, it also puts the iPad to sleep and wakes it up again, like Apple's own Smart Cover .

Moshi Concerti for iPad 2 and new iPad
Josh Miller/CNET

Concerti also has a thick elastic strap to secure the case even more, which only adds to the tidy iPad package.

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