Milante Ancona MIL-52LBW - case for cellular phone Series

Milante Ancona MIL-52LBW - case for cell phone

Part Number: 422716

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Quick Specifications

  • Color black with white stitching
  • Compatible Mobile Devices Audiovox CDM-8900
    LG VX6000
    LG VX7000
    Motorola E310
    Motorola T730
    Motorola V180
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V60s
    Motorola V60t Color
    Motorola V60ti
    Motorola V60v
    Audiovox CDM-8910
    Motorola v60p
    Samsung SCH-A610
    Samsung SCH-A790
    Samsung SCH-i600
    Samsung SGH-X426
    Samsung SGH-X427
    Samsung SGH-i500
    Samsung SPH-A600
    Samsung SPH-A900
    Audiovox CDM-9900
    Audiovox CDM-9950
    Audiovox PM-8920
    Kyocera Slider SE47
    LG L1400
    LG VX4500
    LG VX4600

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