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The Good The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is comfortable and practical and can be used for PC games.

The Bad The Xbox 360 isn't designed to accept many wired controllers, and the near-perfect wireless controller isn't much more expensive. The controller lacks the innovative motion-sensitive features of the Wii and PS3, which may stunt creativity in games for the system.

The Bottom Line With PC compatibility, the wired Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller makes a fine choice for a fourth controller.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft's first venture into the console business with the Xbox was a learning experience for the company, and there's no greater evidence than the evolution of the system's controller. The original Xbox controller was an oversize mess, with oddly shaped and placed buttons. Roughly halfway through the console's run, the original controller was replaced with the Controller S, the smaller alternative created for the Japanese launch. Heralded as one of the best controllers ever created, Xbox fans wondered how Microsoft could improve upon its design as it set out to create the official controller for the Xbox 360. Here's the answer.

Carrying a retail price of for $40--or only $10 less than the Xbox 360 wireless controller--the Xbox 360 Controller is currently available in only one color, and it plugs in via the console's USB port. The controller's cable measures in at nine feet and has a breakaway component that keeps the console from falling if someone trips on the wire. The USB connection poses a problem; the system has only three USB ports, one of which is on the back of the console. In order to hook up four controllers (the maximum allowed by the system), at least one has to be wireless.

The Xbox 360 Controller borrows many design elements from the Controller S. The left and right analog sticks and triggers, the control pad, and the face buttons are in the same spots, constructed rather similarly. The start and Back buttons have been moved to the center, flanking the new guide button, which allows access to your gamer card at any time. Removed from the older controller are the black and white buttons, which were awkwardly placed below the face buttons. Taking their place are the left and right bumpers, which make their home on the top of the controller in front of the triggers. The slight changes have resulted in a nearly perfect design; not only is the controller great for 360 games, but you may just prefer the new layout for the backward-compatible Xbox1 titles, as the bumpers are better located than the black and white buttons.

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