Memorex Mega TravelDrive review: Memorex Mega TravelDrive

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2.5 stars OK
  • Overall: 5.8
  • Design: 7.0
  • Features: 7.0
  • Performance: 3.0
  • Service and support: 6.0
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The Good Compact design; large capacity for its physical size.

The Bad Expensive compared to 2.5-inch portable hard drives; very slow data transfer speed.

The Bottom Line The Memorex Mega TravelDrive is a novel combination of large capacity and tiny size, but it's just that: a novelty. Its slow speeds and high per-gigabyte cost (for a hard drive) make it a hard sell.

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Memorex Mega TravelDrive

Editor's note: We have updated this review to clarify the product comparisons.

The Memorex Mega TravelDrive bridges the gap between teeny-but-expensive flash drives and larger, cheaper portable hard disk drives. About the size of a large Zippo lighter or a pack of Tic Tacs, the 12GB Mega TravelDrive resembles a flash thumbdrive, but instead of solid-state flash memory, it houses a 1-inch hard drive. Best of both worlds? Not quite. For one, it's quite expensive for the capacity ($150 for 12GB), and our tests showed it to be a very sluggish drive compared to those with 2.5-inch hard disk drives. If you're shopping for an external storage device and size is more important than cost, go for a flash thumbdrive. If a compact hard disk drive is small enough for you, however, go for the more cash-efficient option and choose something like the Western Digital Passport.

The Memorex Mega TravelDrive comes in four capacities: 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB, though the physical design of the three smaller capacities differs from that of the 12GB (their inner-workings are the same, however). The 12GB version of the Mega TravelDrive is about the size of a large Zippo lighter, and in fact, with its brushed silver case, resembles a Zippo, as well. The USB connector folds out from the top of the drive and swivels through a range of 180 degrees, so you can squeeze the drive into tight spaces. If you still can't make it fit among your stable of USB-equipped devices, the included USB cable is a huge help. The only feature on the body of the drive is blue LED that flashes during data transfers. The drive ships with a protective silicone case.

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Quick Specifications See All

  • Release date Mar 19, 2007
  • Interface Type Hi-Speed USB
  • Capacity 12 GB
  • Hard Drive Type external hard drive