Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Full Size USB Keyboard review: Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Full Size USB Keyboard

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1.5 stars Poor
  • Overall: 3.7
  • Design: 4.0
  • Features: 4.0
  • Performance: 3.0
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The Good Full keyboard design includes number pad; function keys accessible in home row.

The Bad Expensive; no extras; doesn't lock open; sticky keys; large footprint despite foldable design.

The Bottom Line The $100 Matias Folding Bluetooth keyboard would make a good sidekick for the Apple iPad and other portable computers; however, its unforgivable design missteps and an oversize footprint make it clumsy and awkward. You should pass this by and spend less to get the official Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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The growing popularity of Netbooks and tablet PCs such as the Apple iPad is breathing new life into the third-party wireless keyboard market. Matias offers a full-size variation with a portable twist that folds in half and includes a number pad on the side, but it has some serious design flaws. The $100 keyboard doesn't lock together, which makes it difficult to use anywhere except a flat surface (like your lap) and it doesn't offer anywhere close to the amount of extras features you get on the Apple Wireless Keyboard. If you're looking for an affordable input device for your laptop, Netbook, or tablet PC, Apple offers a more attractive solution.

Our biggest issue with the Matias Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is that it just feels too big and clumsy. In fact, Mathias' plain black finish and asymmetrical fold is almost an eyesore next to the clean, beveled lines of the Apple iPad. While Matias advertises the keyboard as portable, it's actually slightly longer than the iPad is, even when it's folded. It's a less than elegant partnership.

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